Posted by: jt | March 17, 2008

getting even

One of the checks my parents received in memory of my Grandpa was for $113. They figured there must be a story there, particularly since it came from a woman who was lifelong friends with my grandparents.


A few years ago, the woman and her husband were having some underground electrical problems. My Grandpa, the retired electrician, told them not to call anyone and instead enlisted the assistance of his new neighbor, also an electrician, to sort things out. My Grandpa paid his neighbor $113 for his trouble and refused to be compensated for it. His friends sent him a check as reimbursement, but he never cashed it.

The bill has finally been settled. And it’s just the kind of getting even my Grandpa would have done. I can hear his soft chuckle of appreciation out there. He would approve.



  1. That is such a neat story.

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