Posted by: jt | March 10, 2008

the devil’s in the details

I read a lot of flight information. A lot. I can usually skim through and find the pertinent details pretty quickly. This email, however, confused me:

Dear Mohammad,

The following is your finalized travel itinerary. Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries.

1 KU 101 U 11MAR KWIJFK RR1 0930-2 1830-2
2 DL 4949 T 11MAR JFKDCA RR1 2025-2 2204-2
3 AA 4761 N 11MAR JFKDCA HK1 2230-2 2345-2

Y’think Mohammad might be confused? I’m fairly confident that English isn’t his first language and I’m confused. And y’all, my English is usually pretty decent. Given that English is (likely) your first language, did you catch that Mohammad is booked on two different flights – about two hours apart – both going from New York to DC tomorrow?

He flies from Kuwait to New York, then from New York to DC…then from New York to DC again? On Delta or on American? Does he get to choose? Is he on standby for the earlier flight? How is this information “finalized” when he’s on two flights from JFK to DCA? Can I contact this person with my inquiries? (No, I can’t.)

Here’s the real question: How do you suppose the officials at the Department of Homeland Security are going to react to our friend Mohammad, from Kuwait, who has tickets for back-to-back flights from New York to DC?

Suspicious? No.

Well done, Large Government Agency. Way to ensure plenty of personal attention for your guest when he arrives.

Welcome to America. Let me introduce you to our security guards. They’re very, um, welcoming.



  1. I think I can make out some dates in there. Beyond that… nope.

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