Posted by: jt | March 8, 2008


I realize that the universe is pissed at me at the moment. As I told a friend, I thought I was having a shitty week and then my grandpa died. Though I’m not entirely sure why the deities are cranky, I accept this. Sometimes they just like to pull the rug out from under you and kick you around a bit. I understand that this simply a part of existing in this world.

I object, however, to literally being hit in the head.

I left my apartment for approximately 5 minutes today. I dared to venture to the convenience store that is across the alley and one Starbucks away from my building. It is, perhaps, a 90 second walk from door to door.

During these 90 seconds, the sunny sky turned black and began to spit hail on the crowds of unsuspecting tourists and me. When a tree branch fell less than 3 feet from me and, perhaps, 12 inches from a piggy-backed father/daughter duo, I decided not to risk the last 30 seconds of my walk and ran into Starbucks for cover.

Within less than 30 seconds – before I had managed to extract all of the tiny stones of ice from my hair – the hail stopped, the sun reappeared and all looked well in the world again.

I take your hint, universe.

I’m avoiding potentially fate-tempting things like crossing streets, taking out the garbage or showering. I do, however, have an open flame on the stove. Because I think I’ll feel better if I eat something in addition to chocolate ice cream.

Cross your fingers.


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