Posted by: jt | February 26, 2008

would you like fries with that?

You know they’re a government employee when…

Me: Can you ask someone in your office if that information is correct?
Large Government Agency Employee: I assume you’ll need some paperwork to go with that?
Me: No. I just need to know if it’s right or not.
LGAE: Are you sure you don’t need paperwork with that?
Me: No. I really just need to know if it’s right or not.
Me: Tell you what, if I need paperwork, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, could you just find out if the information is accurate?



  1. LOL (literally!)

  2. well now you WERE asking a complicated, confusing question
    you WERE making an unreasonable request
    you were speculating on the assumption that any large government agency under the Bush admin has
    a> information
    2> employees who feel they’re allowed to speak
    thirdly> “accurate” – we don’t need no stinkin’ accuracy

    if by chance you were speaking with the government of another nation well – I still blame Bush.

  3. :-)

    It’s actually very interesting to observe the career people (i.e. not political appointees) at this point. There’s almost an open distaste for Bush that…is unheard of in my tenure in working with an LGA…but I also haven’t witnessed a change of administration while being this close to an LGA before.

    Granted, I do work with what is probably the hippy-dippiest branch in the whole Department, but still. I actually feel bad for the Bush appointee who’s tasked with running the office at this point, because not only is he a lame duck appointee in a lame duck presidency (i.e. no real clout whatsoever), but his employees seem to be as fed up as the rest of the country.

    We had a mini-conference in November and the keynote speaker was an academic who was completely open in his political leanings. The entire crowd – LGA and nonprofit employees alike – was laughing and cheering this guy, as he slammed the Bush administration…That’s just not supposed to happen in front of political appointees when pretty much everyone in the crowd, in some way, reports to them.

    Power shift? Indeed.

  4. […] issues right now. While dealing with the Large Government Agencies might drive us insane from time to time, the flip side of this work is when it becomes your job to go to websites like […]

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