Posted by: jt | February 25, 2008

i think i can, i think i can…

Oh, lovelies. I’m a day late and a few dollars short in the gratitude pool at the moment. These are precisely the sort of days that my 5 Things are made for.

I’m cranky. I spent the weekend in bed, fighting getting sick and drowning in chicken soup, pomegranate juice, orange juice and Emergen-C. That, my friends, is the Ultimate Cocktail in the dammit, I will not get sick fight: 1/3 pomegranate juice, 2/3 orange juice, 1 packet Emergen-C. Drink as much as you possibly can. Alternate with slurps of chicken soup, which is almost tasty enough to make up for the fact that it took twice as long to cook as the recipe indicated. And my darlings, be sure to down all that antioxidant / traditional wisdom goodness before you actually get sick.

I guess we may as well just start there…

  1. I’m almost healthy at this point. Almost. My usual scenario is: I make it through the crazy-busy-insanity and then, a week later, fall into bed for two weeks. This time around, I refuse. I spent the weekend fighting like mad to not succumb to exhaustion and the inevitable bug that’s taken down my assistant, my boss, one of my interpreters and three of my visitors. On Thursday I felt a little woozy and started hitting the Oscillo. Friday we moved on to the Ultimate Cocktail. Today, there’s just a tiny little scratch at the back of my throat and a little tickle at the top of my nose. Take that horrendous flu bug! You don’t get to throw me in bed for two weeks! Also, I made some kickass soup in the process. And learned that I might actually like turnips. Who knew?
  2. We’re still calling him my brother. My boy, H, just cracks me up. The level of teasing he manages, despite 6,000 miles and a rather significant language barrier, is pretty damn impressive. He’s just a really good kid. I never thought I wanted a younger brother, but I’m keeping this one. He’s funny and playful and when I needed a little levity over the last few days, he supplied. I will hug him and squeeze him and call him not-George.
  3. Connecting. After months of declaring Facebook to be the bane of my existence, I’m a convert. 100%. Anything that lets me know my sweet little baby cousin in Baghdad is still alive, without me having to come up with creative reasons to email him to definitively not ask, Are you still alive? wins. It’s also an easy way to casually stay in touch with my newly adopted baby bro. And I just reconnected with my BFF from elementary school. I doubt she and I have much in common at this point, with the exception of about a million childhood memories – all of which are good. And that’s pretty cool. There are still plenty of people I’m Facebook “friends” with that I’m not sure when we were ever anything resembling friends, but whatever. I get to keep tabs on two sweet boys in the Middle East and that has me totally sold.
  4. Oy. Not good, y’all. I’m totally Little Miss Crankypants today. There’s more…there’s always more…we’ll get there…

  5. A perfectly fabulous shade of lipstick. My big sister sent me a lovely box of Valentine’s goodies, including a tube of No7, Sheer Temptation, in the shade of Entice. No7 is by Boots and, ladies (and gents, if you will), might I highly recommend picking some up. The moisture in this lipstick is utterly divine. It glides right over your lips, isn’t the least bit sticky and has a gorgeous little hint of gloss without being overly shiny. Love it. Love.
  6. A familiar face. For the first time since the 2004 election, my skin is starting to clear up. Coincidence? Um, I really don’t think so. I had virtually flawless skin until 2004. Sure, there was the occasional zit, but nothing remotely chronic. Then came the 04 election and well, everything just went to hell, didn’t it? I honestly wonder how many years this presidency has shaved off my life due to politically induced angst / rage / disillusion. The good news is, it’s clearing. All of it. It’s not totally there yet, but my skin and the horizon, seem to be balancing out again. I have hope. And it really is a little audacious.
  7. Hah! I figured out how to manipulate the code to let me add that “Oy” in there without breaking the sequence of numbers. I always feel like I’ve won a battle when I figure out how to work within “technology.” It’s the little things, y’all.


  1. One of the things I love about you, there are many but I won’t spoil you, is your range of emotions.

    In this list I heard:
    a whiny child (in a funny way) sick of being almost sick
    a concerned and loving big sis/cousin
    a teenager ooohing and ahhhing over a lipstick find
    a “Mom” suggesting home remedies
    a political warrior facing yet another day on the battlefield of taking America back
    a little sis thrilled with her goodies

    There’s a line from a song – “and I’m a million different people from one day to the next”

    and on we go …

  2. You do spoil me, Dianne! You’re phenomenal in always finding considerate, kind things to say. :-)

    Someone who’s considerate? And kind? On a daily basis?

    Reminds me of you! ;-)

  3. There’s a line from a song – “and I’m a million different people from one day to the next”

    Heh, and I believe the name of that song is “Bitch.” :D

  4. Oh, actually, that song is “Bittersweet Symphony,” by The Verve. But, the bitch song DOES have a similar theme and lyrics!

  5. hey there Amber

    I’m not familiar with the “Bitch” song but I’m certain I could relate

    I’m often a Bittersweet Symphony of Bitch – and that is a sickening play on words but I like it and entertain myself with own perceived cleverness.

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