Posted by: jt | February 10, 2008

snuggling up with baby bear

Things are a little zany in jt-land at the moment and I’m not quite sure where the last week went. The upcoming days will actually, somehow, likely be even busier, so if I’m a tad quiet just know that it’s not because I don’t love you. It’s because I’m writing, schmoozing, conferencing, organizing, facilitating and occasionally banging my head against Republican appointees walls. It should be a fun week, but there will be much caffeine. And far too many suits.

This is me, managing your expectations.

I’ve been flying through things so quickly, mostly living in the moment, and this afternoon I actually have a few hours to pause, collect my thoughts and breathe. That would be number one on the list today.

5 things I’m grateful for and will likely elaborate on later…

  1. Quiet moments. After a flurry of days including times where I have, literally, been running to catch up, this afternoon, I have time. I caught up (a bit) on my late night happiness and then flipped off the tv for the peaceful clicking of keys on a laptop. Maybe we’ll do some yoga later. Or just breathe.
  2. Pushing myself, firmly, outside my comfort zone. I’m quite unaccustomed to being sent around back to the basement with all the other women, while the men all walk in through the front door. Unaccustomed. Which is to say, it defies everything I have ever stood for, believed in or participated in. Did I like it? No. Was I respectful at the time? Yes. Was I a little reactionary later? Indeed. Will I now explore this further because of that painfully negative experience? Yes. Is that progress? Absolutely.
  3. Watching other people push themselves outside their comfort zones. My guys from the Middle East are back in town for the next few days. While the simple fact that they’re in the U.S. is a giant step outside anything resembling comfortable for them, a couple of them are really reaching across the cultural divide. Seeing them – and helping them – deliberately break through some of their cultural constructs is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in a long time.
  4. The hope that is Barack Obama. Last night’s returns and the buzz about Tuesday’s Potomac Primary are positively intoxicating for me. My brain can’t quite fathom that this could happen. We could do this. This man could be president. At this point, I’m petrified of what things will be like if it doesn’t happen, but – hope. I know it’s his buzzword, but it’s true. I haven’t had hope in a candidate or in American politics in six years. And even then, it was a little bit tainted. I’m still looking for something that I don’t like about Barack Obama. Something? Anything? Bueller?
  5. Jon Stewart deconstructing conservative mad libs. The phrase I want to write is, I love Jon more than life itself, which is – just maybe – a tad hyperbolic. Either way, he takes what’s in my head and makes it funnier. All by his lonesome. Just watch, focus on the fact that this asshole is now out of the race, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy my lovely Jon Stewart…


  1. thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity to, yet again, bask in the glow that is Jon Stewart. The wonder of his words, the irony etched in every facial expression and the totally sexy way he exclaims “Fuck You!”

    I wish to personally and publically thank Mr. Romney for his huge sacrifice to God (only his God of course) and to America (only his version of course). Thank you Mittens for stepping aside – you pathetic, judgemental, opressive, ignorant, fear mongering, hateful sack of shit!

    May (only your) God bless you!

    Holy Crackers! I hijacked your post and now I need a cigarette!

    when things are calmer please ‘splain me #2. Nobody should ever put Baby in the basement.

  2. Well, now I have to get more creative, because the title of the post explaining #2 was going to be “nobody puts baby in the basement!”

    :-D Apparently I just like your take on titles, Dianne. Rest assured, that post is forthcoming. I just have NO TIME this week. (So here I am!)

    And thanks for defending Jon on the boards. ;-) I started to reply and realized I was a little too cranky, so I didn’t post it. Jon doesn’t need my defense. Just my undying love, adoration and giggles.

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