Posted by: jt | February 4, 2008

in honor of something i didn’t watch


I should think not.

If you’re a gay man, you have no idea who Tom Brady is.

If you’re a gay woman, you’d much rather sex his wife / girlfriend / whatever his status is.

I still don’t know care know which team the much-hyped Tom Brady plays for, but I heard on the news this morning that it was a really good game. Congratulations, football fans. I hope your team won. Now really, what are you doing at this blog?



  1. I am such a “Renee-sance” woman that I can be a football fan and visit this blog. Being in NJ they were all CockAHoop over the Giants win so I guess I won’t tell my neighbors that I hate the Giants – they’re still trying to process my politics – wouldn’t want to make heads explode – so messy to clean off the drive.

    Brady’s girlfriend is a Victoria’s Secret model so I guess everyone wins.

  2. :-D And I’m delighted you, and your politics, are here, Dianne.

    I’m slowly coming to terms with the realization that far more people than I had previously thought are real life football fans. Slowly. :-) My residual Daddy issues seem to manifest as football aversion. And baseball aversion. And basketball aversion. And Republican aversion.

    Wait…that last one’s not so much Daddy-related as it’s just common sense.

  3. Um yeah Rusty is a football fan. And he reads here!

  4. I know, I know… :-)

    Like I said, my issue. I’m growing up about it. :-)


    (What does it say that I thought the word for “slowly” in Arabic before English? I can learn other languages, but I lose my English in the process…Sheesh.)

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