Posted by: jt | February 3, 2008

don’t mess with mr. in-between

Just because I needed to accentuate the positive on Friday doesn’t mean I’m done for the week. I figure it’s impossible to put too much constructive energy out there, so we’re gonna do the 5 Things, as planned, again today. This time around, I’m taking a slightly more focused approach.

I have some really amazing friends. When things get icky, sometimes it’s as though I have a protective filter to shield me from insult and injury. This past week hasn’t been overwhelmingly awful, there’s just been a lot of (recurring) bullshit for me and pretty much everyone in my inner circle. It’s incredibly taxing but manageable, in large part because of words like these:

  • I just have to tell you that you’re brilliant right now.
  • Thanks for being you.
  • I am also thankful for [me!]
  • She [me!] understands me and I trust her completely.
  • She [me!] is awesome.
  • You…have always been very supportive of me, but I feel that you have…been particularly good to me during the last couple of weeks. I want to express my gratitude for that.

I know, cue the violins, but this is my life. Who can complain when, unsolicited, you get lovin’ like this?

Remember to share the love, folks. As long as it’s sincere, you really can’t say too many good things about another person. We don’t say them nearly enough.

And, because I am a YouTube whore, I give you…
Me? Link you to a straight up Bing Crosby video when there are trippy hallucinations with Michael Gambon to be had? Never!

What, your life doesn’t have random musical interludes that illustrate a lesson you need to learn? Where do you live, reality?



  1. i had my fair share of trippy hallucinations with Michael Gambon,
    we used to eat acid together and stare at lavalamps
    he sent me this site yesterday
    what will that crazy guy come up with next eh

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