Posted by: jt | February 1, 2008

happy thoughts, goddammit, happy thoughts!

I’m reeling, in negative energy, today so we’re gonna pull this out a little early. The 5 Things were intended to be weekly, but I just caught myself standing in the 40 degree rain running through the myriad ways that today just sucks. And boy, does today suck.

So here we go! 5 Things for which I’m grateful:

  • Amber. Good god, the shit this girl and I have been through. There is friendship. There is understanding. There is support. And there is no judgment. Is there really anything better than that?
  • My current, lovely interpreters who roll with the punches with laughter. And call me to chuckle about it.
  • I have a Late Late Show episode to watch when I get home today. Guaranteed giggles when I get home. Excellent.


  • I have the email address of “my” precinct coordinator for the local Obama campaign. I have the means to get to work!
  • I’m running a solid $13,000 profit on the project that started at a $5,000 loss.
  • It’s Friday…
  • …and I’m wearing jeans…
  • …and my silly little fake flower cuff links that I made and love!
  • I actually like the bangs that I cut in myself.
  • Invite to a party tomorrow night.
  • My assistant just came to my office specifically to offer me candy. Progress.

Hah! Take that, desolate running commentary in my head! Ooo! One more:

  • Dianne gets that reference! :-D Hurray for the IMDb INFP boards!

I met and surpassed the quota. I rule. Now that my head’s a little clearer, let’s see if I can manage to get some shit done with what remains of today.



  1. I DO get that reference. Coincidence? (shakes head no)

    Happy Friday! What a freakin’ week

  2. Oh, hugs to you. Big, warm hugs to you. What a perfect response…my naughty little panda!

    God, I love that one. The upper half of my body just jerked to one side right after I typed that.

    And everyone else is completely lost. :-)

  3. Awwww! Thanks. :D

    Do you want a vagina hug? Or are you over that now?

    Probably not, since you left one for me on my blog. So here you go:


  4. I hope to never be over the vagina hug. :-)

    How many quasi-inside jokes can I pack into one comment section?

  5. :O BANGS? Pix pls.

    And yay for having a self-haircut turn out decently. I don’t trust myself to cut my own hair anymore. I did it all the time when I had really long hair, but now I’m afraid that it’s going to turn out to be as much of a disaster as it was when I did it in preschool. :)

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