Posted by: jt | January 31, 2008

the voices in my head

Normally I travel pretty light but, for the two days I was out of the office last week, that wasn’t an option. Dragging around reams of murdered trees for my guys from the Middle East, on the first day I was one of those people, wheeling a carry-on around the city. Classy. By day two I was down to just my overstuffed laptop bag, which would have weighed in for a fight at the class of “small toddler.”

Given where they’re from, I wasn’t surprised when the guys insisted upon carrying my things for me. No argument would be accepted – bags were removed from my hands and shoulders and were not returned until the end of the day.

The tiny little rad-fem in me ranted: “You can’t let them carry your bags! That’s anti-feminist!”

The culturally sensitive professional in me prodded: “Letting them do this will make them more comfortable and let them feel like they’re being gracious and respectful.”

The normal human being in me sighed: “For fuck sake, someone else wants to schlep this around. It’s their crap anyway!”


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