Posted by: jt | January 30, 2008

i told you to go away, four years ago

Edwards to quit White House race

It’s about damn time.

The pundits will play this out as, up against the inspiration that is Obama and the name that is Clinton, John Edwards never stood a chance in this race. I think he never stood a chance because he’s got a credibility problem. Let me count the ways:

2004 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses. I went to my caucus, cast my vote for John Edwards, walked out and started my car only to hear his concession speech while thousands of people were still voting. I wanted to run back into my polling place and shout up and down the hallways – don’t vote for Edwards, he just withdrew from the race. How tacky can you possibly be to withdraw from a race while people are still at the polls? Have a little respect for your constituents, asshole.

2004 Presidential Election. John Edwards lied to me. He told me, and all of you, that they would not concede the election until every vote had been counted. That’s what he said. Did they ever finish counting in Ohio? Eh. Didn’t matter. Kerry and Edwards conceded the race to Bush before all of the votes there were tallied.

2008 Presidential Primaries and Caucuses. John Edwards told his supporters he would stay in the race all the way to the convention. Um. Oops?

There were any number of problems with a John Edwards candidacy, ranging from what’s your current employment? to you fucked this up with John Kerry in 2004, hell no! to you’ve got little kids and a wife with a terminal illness or even just you look like a fucking Ken doll. Clearly, no one is surprised with this announcement…except maybe the sad, gullible folk who actually thought John Edwards would keep his word this time.

Credibility. Authenticity.

It’s why people will be drawn to Obama, whether they agree with his policies or not. And it’s why John Edwards is going home. To talk about poverty. In his $6 million house.



  1. I don’t know how much say Edwards had with Kerry. I always thought Kerry brought him on board to counter-act his appearance as a Northern rich guy out of touch with the people, and to get the Southern vote.

    I lost my interest in Edwards after he began to show what I perceive to be his true colors. He said some really sexist things after Hillary “cried”. And then he pulled the ugly Northerners card when trying to get the SC votes. He said that the argueing between Clinton and Obama was “the way they do it in NY and Chicago” and not “how we behave here in SC”

    that was it for me, I’m so sick of the two coasts being portrayed as any less than the rest of the country.

  2. John Edwards, 2:30am, November 3, 2004:

    It’s been a long time–but we’ve waited four years for this victory. We can wait one more night. John Kerry and I made a promise to the American people that in this election, every vote would count and every vote would be counted. Tonight, we are keeping our word.

    See…He lied to me. His words, not John Kerry’s. I remember him saying them because I was SO relieved. After 2000, I couldn’t bear the thought of another stolen presidency. I needed every vote to actually be counted. If he was going to be the one to say that, he needed to follow through and make sure it actually happened. That was his credibility on the line, on a rather significant issue for Democrats.

    Either way, the outcome’s the same. He’s going home. And it’s about damn time. :-)

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