Posted by: jt | January 29, 2008

payment for services rendered

I can’t help but wonder, will people who don’t know me and read my blog think I’m way sluttier than I am…or am I this actually slutty?

One can only hope.


Which really just begs the question…are porn writers allowed in the WGA? Of course they should be, but double standards do prevail.

Rumors seem to be brewing that the strike will end soon and my gut reaction is fabulous! But it’s only fabulous if the writers get [gasp] fairly compensated for their work.

Why is this so complicated? Why???

Perhaps it’s because, as a society, we place so little value on the arts. Wanna dispute that? Ever downloaded music you didn’t pay for? Ever thought you shouldn’t have to pay for it? Ever rationalized that they make tons of money and you don’t have any?

Congratulations, you too can be a Hollywood producer!

Now…I wonder if the strike would have been settled faster if it did have an effect on the quality of porn. Hm.



  1. Great post. I am sure it would be over very quickly…
    It is amazing that we as a nation is so narrow minded when it comes to matters of this sort. It is my belief and the facts prove it, that legalization of prostitution would reduce crime. If one looks at the countries that have legalized prostitution (the oldest profession in the world), they have a lower crime rate and child prenancy. Needly to say a lower homeless rate as well. Either way, great post…

  2. I can’t help but wonder, will people who don’t know me and read my blog think I’m way sluttier than I am…or am I this actually slutty?

    I can’t help but wonder… do you REALLY care about this? ;)

  3. Thanks, culturallyconscious. :-) Indeed…it’s ridiculous how frequently we revert to the Puritanical roots of this country.

    I can’t help but wonder… do you REALLY care about this? ;)

    The day my mom finds out about this blog…maybe. :-)

  4. The WGA didn’t picket the porn awards so I’m guessin’ they’re not members. You know I never even considered that porn needed writing! Thanks for making me have one more thing to think about. :)

    I’m sure Mom could handle the slutty parts of the blog. Oh and could you send me direct links to the slutty parts please.

    So happy to have found you in blogosphere. I’ll be back

  5. Of course porn needs writing. *sigh* WTF?

  6. Actually, Amber…is there possibly the argument that some of the “best” porn out there *doesn’t* have writing? I’m referencing Tony Comstock and I’ve never seen his work, but…my understanding is it’s quite unscripted. ??? Obviously *most* porn needs writing, but…don’t chase away Dianne! :-D

    It *is* interesting that the WGA didn’t picket the porn awards…I wonder what the actual reasons are for porn writers (apparently, in general) not being WGA members. Do they have their own union? Is it more advantageous for them NOT to be in the WGA? Are they ostracized because of the content? So many questions…

    Dianne, my mom could handle it but…it’s a question of how guilty I make her feel for how openly I embrace my dirty little mind and how much she then has to hide from the rest of the fam. :-) I come from solid Christian Coalition stock and while I’ve broken free from that, my mom still has some guilt about not being the conservative Christian she was raised to be.

    Please excuse me, while I take a little trip down to hell…

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  7. Okay, you’re right. You win!

    I wish this thing would stop showing PodCamp by my name in the right rail. Annoying.

    Time to go take some more crazy pills, most likely.

  8. I’d like to do away with the avatars by the comments altogether. Any thoughts on how? Gotta say, WordPress feels a little counterintuitive to me. I can figure things out, but it takes a damn long time.

    (Finally solved the false comment spammage. Not sure which tweak worked, but your last comment came straight through.)

    Take a break from the crazy pills. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. My head almost exploded from that shit and it’s got nothing to do with me… :-(

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