Posted by: jt | January 18, 2008

mommy, mommy, it’s not fair!!!

PollingPoint Survey asks, “Is Jon Stewart fair?”

I’m sorry, did I miss a career change? Isn’t the better question, “Is Jon Stewart funny?”

Actually, at this point I think the better question is, “Why has the media spent more time discussing the fairness of fake news as opposed to the fairness of real news?” Since I’m not in the mood for a full-on American media sucks beyond all reason rant, I’ll just stick to getting all indignant on Jon’s behalf. (And yes, this screed could have been written four years ago, but that ad popped up on my screen this afternoon. And my head exploded.)

I’m so sick of this question because, in what universe is it Jon Stewart’s job to be fair? It’s his job to make me laugh (just me) and, in case you haven’t noticed, Jon’s damn funny. The tiniest of silver linings for me in this godforsaken writers strike (pay your damn employees!) is that it makes me appreciate Jon and Stephen (Colbert) even more because, holy fuck, they really are that good. True, they’re better with their writers, but look at how funny they are on their own. Look!

Excuse me, I need a fangirl moment. Love them. Love them dearly. Funny, witty, silly, satirical, spot-fucking-on. Love. Okay. Resuming cognitive functions…

The best lesson my mama ever taught me is also one of the simplest: Consider the source.

Let’s consider for a moment, who has whined that Jon isn’t fair? That would be…Bill Kristol, Bill O’Reilly and, of course, Tucker Carlson (heheheheh). Well, those are certainly some credible sources for fair and balanced perspectives. I’ve never heard any of them claim “liberal bias” where it wasn’t warranted. They all offer the absolute fairest of “news” coverage.

So, let’s be “fair.” Has The Daily Show allocated more air time to blasting Republicans than Democrats? Yes.

Is that fair? Only in the sense that the Democrats have been M.I.A. for the past seven years (how very Bush-like of them!). By contrast, the Republicans have been out in full force, with absurdity guns blazing.

Yes, dumb, dumb and asshole, I too would love for TDS to take the Dems to task more often. It would mean Democrats were doing something, aside from saying they might possibly consider doing something. Someday. Maybe. If no one minds too much. M’kay?

Y’know who agrees with me on that? Jon Stewart.

The point though, really, is: Fuck “fair.” If I want news, I will tune into a news station. If I want comedy about what’s newsworthy, I will go down on to Jon and Stephen.

You wanna know what’s really not fair? For the first time in seven years the biggest political stories in this country aren’t about the atrocities of Bush administration. We have something new! and fresh! and fuck me if there isn’t an election where damn near anything could happen! We have this grand spectacle of a Clusterfuck to the White House and folks, we have it without The Daily Show writers to mock it to its full potential.

That is not fair.


Written while slightly buzzy after drinking…with my boss. Boundary issues, anyone? Please forgive all errors, except misuse of commas. Those are just part of the deal.



  1. If I want comedy about what’s newsworthy, I will go down on to Jon and Stephen.

    I love that you have a blog now.

  2. ^+1.

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