Posted by: jt | January 15, 2008

work story #1 – the slippery slope to unemployment

Some of you have seen this, but since I seem to have more readers than I have told about this blog (or have learned about it through my own linkage), why not?

(Sidebar conversation on who the fuck you people are and how the internet is creepy???)

The Other End of the Line: [Woman’s voice] RCMP.
Me: Hi, I’m trying to reach Lt. Col. [unequivocally male name]. I left a message for him last week about arranging a meeting.
TOEL: I’m sorry, I can’t help you, you’ve called the RCMP.
Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know what the “RCMP” is.
TOEL: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Me: Oh.
TOEL: Actually, you’ve called the secure fax line at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Me: Oh. Well. That seems secure.
TOEL: Doesn’t it? Can I ask how you got this number?
Me: Someone at the embassy gave it to me.
TOEL: Well, I know you’re close. You’ve called the right building, but I don’t know the number of the person you’re trying to reach.
Me: Okay…
TOEL: It’s Monday, isn’t it?
Me: God, it’s so a Monday.

All of which just begs the question: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have an office in DC?



  1. I think the more pressing questions have to do with… the *secure* fax line? Why is someone answering it? If it’s so secure, why are they content to *reveal* it’s the secure fax line?

    So, so many questions…

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